Monday, August 29, 2011

Roller Girl

This is a painting I did a while back in oil on canvas.  I noticed that while colors were bright and vivid during the painting process, it dried to a dull finish.  I visited my local art supply store a few days back and asked an employee if they knew what might be the problem.  He suggested the student grade paint I had used (Georgian) brand could be the cause.  He went on to explain that student grade paint consisted of a very low pigment factor with mostly other low quality fillers and thus the colors were not as true as artist grade.  He also recommended that I never mix different brands of paint together.   Have any of you had any such experiences with oil paint?  Is it really worth the extra money to shell out on artist grade paint?  I remember when I first started painting I was using craft paint from Michaels that cost 99 cents a pop.  For some reason those paintings remained vivid and true over the past 6 years... 

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