Monday, August 29, 2011

Kirstin Lamb and Her Stackable Objets D'Art

Kirstin Lamb is obsessed with creating elaborate gouache paintings of unexpectedly stacked items and that's quite alright by me.  Especially since the objects of interest are a smattering of smiling busts, skulls, and a variety of scrumptious meat and food items.  Taking my routine read of the Jealous Curator (an excellent source for the current art scene btw), I was immediately struck by her most recent post on the artist.  Her work holds a striking juxtaposition of languidly grinning individuals decorated with food (or food decorated with people?) contrasted against a simple flat black background.  I was immediately enamored.  And to hear that a selection of her prints are selling for a mere $35 each on the Little Paper Planes site?  It's almost too much to bear!

You too can purchase her prints HERE

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