Thursday, September 1, 2011

Colourful Pieces of the Sky by Jonas Lund and Anika Schwarzlose

"The work is a participatory exploration of the relation between objects, images and semantics on the internet. We created a small platform that serves as our set up model, an engine constantly browsing the image sharing platform flickr, extracting the latest photgraph that's tagged with "sky" and displaying the result on the website – the outcome is a piece that’s forever changing its visual appearance. Sometimes subtle, sometimes radical changes, which altogether reveal operational modes of communication, emerging semantics and image mediation strategies. Photographers all over the world are contributing content to create a shifting, and unpredictable, impermanent but ongoing visual experience. To participate visitors can take an image of the sky, upload it to their flickr account and then tag the image with "sky". The webpage updates every 5 seconds and always displays the latest image added."


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